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Rite of Passage Experience

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Rite of Passage Experience

Eighth grade students appear before a panel of adults, including teachers, administrators, and community members to present their growth as a learner in middle school. They explain to the panel what they have learned about themselves as learners and as individuals throughout their middle school experience through the reference of a visual aid and presentation of their portfolio.

These conferences take place during two days at the end of the school year. At this time each student comes with his or her family for a 15-minute appointment with the panel. This presentation is considered a final exit exam from middle school. Included in the discussion with the panel are insights into each one’s academic growth and learning styles, personal growth, and a time for questions from the panel.

The purpose of the Rite of Passage Experience (ROPE) is for each eighth grader to reflect on his or her learning from grades 6—8 and to present himself or herself as a student ready to go to high school. It consists of two parts: a 10-minute presentation of a personal learning experience from the student, which indicates the student’s academic, social, and emotional growth throughout their middle school years.  At the same time, a portfolio created by the student, which includes class work collected throughout middle school is presented. A 5-minute “chat” with a panel of teachers, community members, and administrators will follow the presentation. All eighth graders are required to participate in this final exit experience.

Students must examine artifacts of work accumulated throughout the three years of middle school from each content area. After analyzing their work, they must draw conclusions about themselves as thinkers and learners. They also look at how they have changed as individuals. For each area they must write a reflection on their findings. Selected papers are chosen to provide evidence for their portfolios. A resume of the student’s accomplishment, service, and leadership is also created by the student and submitted in the portfolio.

Portfolio Section I: Me As A Learner

In this section of the portfolio students provide examples of how they have grown in their ability to solve problems, to communicate, the ability to take information and create a product that demonstrates their learning, and to handle social and emotional situations in a healthy manner.  They write an INTRODUCTION that explains who they are now as a learner and a person evolved from change. They will justify their growth with their references to examples in their explanation.


In this section, they will include their final reflections from math, language arts, social studies, science, and their choice of a UA or an Elective class. With each reflection, they will provide 3-6 artifacts of student work that is supportive to their thoughts.


Portfolio Section II:

My Life Plan
This section is a reflection of the personal changes a student has endured throughout their middle school years and the benefits they have gained from their changes. They will reflect on their experiences which contribute to second step education, pride, respect, responsibility, and healthy choices they have made that support who they are as a person. They will share what their goals are from middle school forward in their life. Again, artifacts to support their reflection will be included.

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